Chief Executive Officer, FMC Practitioner

Ted (E.J.) Le Blanc manages the strategic direction of the overall organization and the accompanying responsibility to leverage the input of the Board of Advisors to provide oversight for the innovation and development of GMTS products and services.

Ted started his ocean industry career working for Montreal Shipping, first in accounting and then traffic. In 1986 he was hired at Associated Conferences Secretariat as office manager. He was made a minority shareholder and named Managing Director in 1987 and helped expand the business to the United States. In 1993, he opened the third of ACS’s offices in Jersey City, N.J., and assumed responsibility for managing the agreements in that office, expanding those responsibilities to the West Coast operation that opened a year later. Ted purchased ACS in 1996 along with Joe De Braga and Brenda Johnston, and they formed GMTS. Ted who is the majority shareholder,graduated from Champlain Regional College where he obtained his D.E.C.



Senior Vice President, FMC Practitioner

Brenda Johnston manages the Vermont office and oversees the agreement aspects of the GMTS business. She is familiar with the legislation covering agreement activity of both the United States and Canada.

Brenda started her career working for Kerr Steamships. She subsequently was hired to work as the secretary of the Eastern Canada Australia New Zealand Conference and began part-time studies at McGill University to study business and transportation. In 1990, she was hired by Associated Conferences Secretariat as office manager and led the operation’s move to Toronto in 1993. She was then named Manager of the Canadian Operations. Along with two other employees, she purchased ACS in 1996 and formed GMTS. Brenda subsequently moved to the Florida office in 2000 where she led several of the agreements. Six years later she headed up the opening of the Vermont offices. Brenda has been a shareholder in GMTS since its inception. 



Senior Vice President, FMC Practitioner

Joe (Jose) De Braga oversees of the Florida office, as well as, the publishing and sales functions of the organization. He is an FMC practitioner and is well versed in the U.S. regulatory environment.

Joe’s early experience in the ocean transport industry came from working for both agencies and carriers in Canada. In 1989 Associated Conferences Secretariat, Inc. approached him to expand their services in the Florida markets. In 1996, Joe formed part of a three-person team to buy Associated Conferences Secretariat and formGlobal Maritime Transportation Services Inc. Joe attended Concordia University and graduated with a B.A. in Economics. Joe has been a shareholder in GMTS since its inception.