Global Maritime Transportation Services, Inc.

Our expertise on the regulatory compliance side of tariff and contract management is second to none. Our FMC practitioners can ensure you remain compliant and our Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) provide long-term publishing knowledge of filing requirements in order to assist your organization.

Our software products offer much more than just fulfilling compliance requirements. Our products allow for your organization to be more efficient while providing effective detail of your base rates as well as the bottom line rates. These tools allow your organization to obtain side by side comparatives and provide an effective tool for quoting and recording the results of those quotes. Our search features and filters allow you to find and refine your information efficiently and instantly.

Once you have taken advantage of our expertise and learned how much more efficient we have made your organization, you will realize how essential these services are to making your organization better.

Our organization strives for excellence by working together to understand issues and solidify the approach across the organization to ensure our customers are provided the ongoing support and eye to detail.